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Conjuring piercing screams over red-hot distortion guitars, while sprinkling dreamlike choruses across his unique concoction of metal and rock, chrysifloga knows his way around the darker corners of one’s psyche. Transitioning from high falsettos to menacingly low growls in a heartbeat, the Los Angeles based artist, songwriter, and producer unlocks a world soundtracked by his unique take on modern rock. Exuding a mysterious personality behind dramatically washed-out lipstick and eyeshadow, his silent confidence and subtle charm immediately takes center stage.

Surprisingly gentle and soft-spoken off stage and studio, one can’t help but sense an unpredictable polarity from his intense look and sound. “My music is inspired by emotional freedom, and i found that in darkness. Not everyone is meant for the light."

It’s also the product of a quiet, long grind. He worked as a session drummer and bass player for the beginning of his music career, before teaching himself to write and produce. His first solo project was in 2020 under the moniker “Acid” in the chinese rap genre. Borrowing assets from asian cultural roots and combining influences from metal and electronic sounds, the result is the current chrysifloga.


Chrysi (as friends call him) released the debut single "Warm as Fire" on Oct 13 2024, a sonic inferno that takes listeners through a dark and intense journey, through the wide palette of his four octave range. His second single Parasites dropped six weeks later on Dec 1, this time bringing listeners on an emotional journey through heavy rock and EDM.

“I’ve always thought of music as colors. Metal is a lot of black and gray, but I love brighter colors too. Sometimes the song wants to naturally go somewhere else, so I let it take me on a ride.”


Armed with his definition (or none) of Metal, chrysifloga is amongst the freshest and most anticipated artists today. It’s dark, but beautiful.

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