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burn me alive (2022)

Piercing screams over red-hot distortion guitars

Dreamlike choruses on head-banging drops

Choir verses across blast beats
High falsettos to menacingly low growls

A world soundtracked by Nu-Metal & Rock

[ burn me alive ]
A heart-pumping track inspiring loss of control right out of the first line: “I got some wires loose inside my head.” delivered in a comfortably psychotic tone. The chorus goes into a catchy, almost anime-like melody, before switching back and forth between sharp screams and clean vocals in the following verse, displaying dual personalities. “I am the f**king golden flame.”


[ same for you and me ]
delivers a haunting choir hook in the intro, taking the listener straight into the flipside of a church lit with candles, followed by a chorus sung entirely in falsetto, expressing his cynicism: “Can’t you see it’s the same for you and me?”, then transitioning smoothly into a chilling scream.

[ stay close ]

A melancholic rock ballad, gripping the listener with the extremely catchy chorus line "stay close to me tonight."


WE ALL DEAD (2020)

This EP was released in 2020 as a project under the moniker "Acid" in the rap genre. It was recorded in english and mandarin for the eastern market.
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