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WE ALL DEAD collection.

A full length EP released as an nft. 100 editions.

WL: 0.08E + gas

Public: 0.13E + gas

hodlers of this collection can expect to be prioritised in all future drops & campaigns.

whitelists open

02: 1/1

status: [ in progress ]

Each of the 5 tracks in the WE ALL DEAD EP minted as a 1/1. Each track comes with it's own limited edition artwork.

Collectors should treat this like a vip backstage pass.

chrysifloga - cold as ice 1_1.png

03: Utility

status: [ tba ]


The integration between hodlers and artist.

hodlers can expect to attend all live shows and performances free of charge with priority entry. this includes metaverse concerts.

hodlers can also get first access to limited merchandise produced, and all collaborations involving the artist.

holders also can attend private recording sessions and an inside look to the creation process.

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